A simple procedure on how to repair iPhone x camera glass

A simple procedure on how to repair iPhone x camera glass

 A simple procedure on how to repair iPhone x camera glass

The most outstanding feature of the iPhone X is its camera. When you wish to capture those special moments, iPhone X provides the perfect solution. For you to enjoy this ideal camera for a long time, protect its lens from damages. The best way to protect the camera is by use of iPhone rear-facing camera lens cover. If the camera glass gets damaged, do not condemn the phone or the camera. The camera glass replaceable.

One big challenge when it comes to repairs the iPhone X is parts availability. Surprisingly the camera glass is not that hard to find. Numerous online stores have it. Replacing the camera glass is not a complicated procedure. 

 A simple procedure on how to repair iPhone x camera glass

The most obvious reason you would want to replace your camera glass is because of blurred images. Unless there visible physical damaged to the glass, always do the following procedure to have explicit photos.

1.  Clean the Lens: The first thing you do is make sure that the glass lens of the iPhone’s camera is dirt free. Visible dirt on the lens can feed wrong information to the iPhone. This may result in photos being out of focus. Make use of a soft clean when wiping the camera to avoid scraping the clear plastic.

2.  Install latest updates: Installing the latest version IOS once there are available may help clear the blurry images. As a custom, ensure you are using the updated version of IOS.

3.  Avoid camera Accessories: It is a fact that the use of camera accessories can enhance images. It has also known that some of the accessories cause more damage than good. Manufacturers have advised against the use of camera accessories. When fighting blurry images, let the phone be at the state at which it left the factory.

4. Force Close The camera app: Restarting the camera app may sort the problem. The method has worked well with older models of the iPhone; it can also work well with iPhone X.

5. Restart the Phone: Switching off and on a mobile phone is known to cure many simple problems on the phone.

6. Erase data on camera app: Every application in your iPhone uses a set of temporary files called cache to work correctly. The cache may get corrupted, causing performance problems. Since we’re dealing with the camera app, which is a pre-installed application, do a manually clearing the cache.

7. Reset all settings.

8. Factory reset: if a reset on all settings your iPhone does not work, perform a factory reset. Before initiating a factory reset, back up all your data.

If the above procedure does not work, the other alternative is to replace the camera glass screen. The process is simple. You required three tools to do the job. Namely

1.     iPhone screwdrivers

2.     an iSesamo

3.     some tweezers.

 A simple procedure on how to repair iPhone x camera glass

 The process has three steps described below,

Step 1: Remove the glass around the camera lens area. Be sure to clean the contours of the lens area.

Step 2: place the new iPhone X rear camera lens.  Use tweezers to precisely position the replacement camera lens in its area. Be very careful while doing this.

 Step 3: Apply a little pressure on the camera lens to set the glue on the glass.Test your camera to check the clarity of your photos and videos at this 


 iPhone X camera light and delicate camera glass. To avoid frequent damages, it recommended you protect the glass. Repairing the glass by the manufacturer is an expensive affair. The cost may be over 500 dollars. Repair by self is less expensive and not risky.